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Welcome to my website. Here is some information on my background and education so you can better understand me and my approach to investing.

As a child growing up I always liked money, at age 17 I was given the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. That book changed my life forever. After reading that book and applying some of the techniques, I knew I wanted to be involved in the financial markets.

After graduation from high school I attended B.C.I.T where I studied financial planning and investing. After 3 years at B.C.I.T I enrolled in the Canadian Securities Course which is a program required by all stock brokers and financial planners to sell financial products to clients in Canada.

After completing the CSC I spent the next few years reading dozens of books about the stock market and financial planning. The two books that are a cornerstone of my investment philosophy are "Elliott Wave Principle" by Prechter and Frost and "Technical Analysis of Stock Trends" by Edwards and Magee. These two books are the best references for their style of technical analysis.

Currently I spend most of my time reading dozens of top notch financial newsletters from seasoned investors I really look up to. You can go to my links page and find the web sites of most of my favorite newsletters and writers. I also go to my city's public library where I always have a constant stream of books and audio books about the financial markets, investing, politics, and geo-politics ready to be studied. I also love to roam the internet looking for great essays on the financial markets and investing so I can get a good handle on what other financial writers are talking about and investing in.

I hope that all my reading and studying will not only help me but also help my readers who come to my web site to get information they can't find on CNBC or in the newspaper. I want to offer my vast knowledge to people who don't have the same amount of time to study the markets as I do, but still want to get a really good breakdown on what is happing in the markets. My goal is to use my knowledge of Technical Analysis, Elliott Wave Theory and financial planning to help investors around the world navigate in the financial markets.

I cover all markets, stock indexes, commodities, gold, silver, energy, uranium, and options. My favorites to study are gold, silver and uranium. My analysis and research is 100% unbiased as I am free from the silk chains and influence of brokerage houses, governments and the political elite.

As an independent analyst I am free to study all markets and I have no problem talking about opportunities on the short side of the market or buying put options if that is what the charts are telling me. Believe me many people miss huge opportunities on the short side of the market because either they are under educated about buying puts or going short or their thoughts are influenced by their superiors, be it at the brokerage house the investment bank or their position in political office.

People who visit my site will benefit from my vast knowledge of the financial markets as I devote a tremendous part of my life reading dozens of books, financial newsletters, and essay's about economics and investing.

As a visitor to my site you can tap into my brain and benefit from my hours of grueling research. I really like helping people learn about the financial markets and that is why I created my web site. I love to share my knowledge with people who are interested in investing and my web site is the perfect way to accomplish that.

I will be writing essays, short term updates, and special reports on a regular basis so please visit my site often as I will be reporting on major events occurring in the markets.

Thank you for visiting the home of the Technical Contrarian.

Edward Gofsky
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