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About Ed

Welcome to my website! I hope in the end this page helps you get a better understanding of what it is I do and how I can help you develop your investment portfolio into one that crushes the markets.

As a young boy growing up I always liked watching finance television shows with my grandfather , at age 17 he gave me the book “The Intelligent Investor” by Ben Graham. That book changed my life and career path forever.

After graduation from high school I attended U of A where I studied financial planning and investing. After 3 years at U of A I enrolled in the Canadian Securities Course.

Once I completed the course I spent next few years reading books about the stock market. The Essays of Warren Buffett and A Walk On Wall Street are the two best(modern) investing books I have ever read.

Currently I spend most of my time reading dozens of top notch financial websites You can go to my links page and find the web sites of most of my favorite writers. I also have soaked up the online revolution as of late and have a massive amount of books in my Kindle reader right on my phone. I also love to roam the internet looking for great content on the financial markets and investing.

I hope that all my reading and studying will help my readers get information they can’t find in the newspaper. I want to offer my knowledge to people who don’t have time to study like I do.

I cover all markets, stock indexes, commodities, gold, silver, energy, uranium, and options. My favorites sectors to study are gold, silver and pretty much anything mining related.

I devote a tremendous part of my life reading  books, financial websites, and essay’s about investing.

I will be writing on a regular basis so please visit my site often as I will be reporting on major events occurring in the markets.

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